About rob russell

Rob, live and electric

My name’s Rob Russell, and this is, you may have guessed, my personal web page. I’ve been in a bunch of bands and played (and still play) a lot of music; you can listen and learn more about that at the “About the bands” tab. I live in Johnson City, TN, which is in the northeast corner of this long state: we’re closer to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky than we are to Nashville. My wife is a professional film photographer and sort-of-transplanted mid-westerner; you can see her work at http://www.lostartphotography.com/. My “day job” is in academic support at a regional four-year university, where I’ve been employed for the past 17 years. I’m administrative staff, and also teach whenever I get the chance. I have three kids, ranging from toddler to teen, who are brilliant and wonderful and hilarious. When I get the time, I play and write music. I also buy and sell musical instruments, gizmos, and gadgets (mostly electric guitars or for electric guitars); sometimes I repair/refurbish them, sometimes I play with them awhile and send them along to new homes, and sometimes I keep them for myself. I mostly buy, sell, and trade on Reverbdotcom. My shop is here: https://reverb.com/shop/RRSL



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