The music I’m probably best know for is that of the (usually) four-piece rock and roll outfit that bears my name, Rob Russell & the Sore Losers (Facebook) / Rob Russell & the Sore Losers (Reverb Nation). The other long-term members of the band were Andy Russell, David Hart and Josh Reifert, but many others came through the various line-ups over the 10+ years we played together: Alan Marcum, Brandon Story, Travis Stuart, Don Eanes, Chad Light, Curt Rode, Vanessa Bentley, and Ron Baisden, among others.

We have two CD’s still available on iTunes and Cdbaby, and three (new EP “Lucky on the  Side — The Extree!”) on bandcamp.com. We had an aborted attempt at recording starting a third record back in 2012, but ran out of time, energy, money, and, most importantly, inspiration before we could get too far. If we can ever carve enough time out of our busy lives, maybe we’ll rise again?

The band’s influences were equal parts “classic” rock and roll — Dylan, Beatles, Stones, Springsteen, Faces, Petty — and proto-punk and punk-influenced alternative-rock: The Replacements, REM, Flamin’ Groovies, Velvet Underground, etc. Here’s a track from our second CD, 2005’s Lucky on the Side, to give you a sample of our sound:

Here’s an old band bio with individual bios and pics, as well:

Rob Russell and the Sore Losers have been playing heartland rock and roll with the bravura of the Boss and the swagger of the Stones since 2000. Their critically-praised CD’s “I Think We’re Gonna Be Alright” and “Lucky on the Side” (available on iTunes and at cdbaby.com) testify to the strengths that continue to make them a live draw: mountain harmonies combined with great rock tunes, crunchy guitars, and powerful rhythms. Don’t miss ’em!

Rob Russell

Rob Russell

Rob Russell – guitars and vocals. Singer/songwriter Rob Russell decided to strike out on his own in 2000, after serving as a sideman, singer, and utility in-fielder for groups in genres ranging from punk to bluegrass to blues for over a decade on the Tri-Cities and Knoxville music scenes. Rob’s day job, then and now, is as a program director at a local university.



Andy Russell

Andy Russell

Andy Russell – drums. Rob’s younger brother; Rob poached him from his own band, Brim, while they were making a Rob-produced demo, joining up in 2000. Andy’s the band’s best musician and technician — he helped build the custom Phattie kit he plays — and is also the group’s graphic design mind. His day job is as a building designer for a local architect.




David Hart

David Hart

David Hart – guitars and vocals. Dave contributed harmonies to the Losers’ 2002 CD “I Think We’re Gonna Be Alright” and joined the band soon after, for a time splitting time between RRSL and the band that beat the Losers in a 2001 “Battle of the Bands,” Six Miles After Dark. His day job is as the shipping manager at a local plumbing and construction supply business.




Josh Reifert

Josh Reifert

Josh Reifert – bass, guitar and vocals. Josh was the lead vocalist and guitarist for Six Miles After Dark, and learned an entirely new instrument when he joined the Losers on bass in 2003. Josh wrote and played on 2005’s “Lucky on the Side,” leaving the band in late 2005 to pursue other projects. He rejoined in 2010 when the band reconvened to begin rocking anew. His day job is quality control director for a local beverage company.


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