New RR & Sore Losers EP – $1.99

“Lucky on the Side – The Extree!” is a three-song EP available in digital-only form at These three tunes were recorded during the sessions for “Lucky on the Side” back in the summer of 2004 in Eric Fritsch’s (Scott Miller, RB Morris, Sheryl Crow) studio in East Nashville. The first tune, “Success (Lucky Mix)” is a rocked-up version of the song that originally appeared on 2002’s I Think We’re Gonna Be Alright. This re-recording was intended to be the theme song of a new live music show on Charter Mainstreet (just as the original version of “Success” had been the theme to Charter’s “Homemade Jam” — a show many of you from the Tri-Cities may remember. If not here’s a dose of RRSL 1.5 and 2.o on Homemade Jam). Songs two and three are “hidden” until you purchase the EP, but suffice it to say that they are covers tunes that we play regularly — heck, nearly every show — and that we’d initially planned to put on Lucky, but as it turned out we had more than enough good original material to make a good record, we thought, so they were left off the final mix. Now YOU can decide whether their inclusion would’ve made it a better record.


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